Jeffrey Nicheporuck

Jeffrey Nicheporuck,  DPT PT

General Ortho, Vestibular/Balance Rehab, Spanish Speaking  

College- Rutgers, Arcadia

Question-How did you become interested in Physical/Occupational Therapy
Answer-I like exercise, helping people and teaching all important aspects in being a physical therapist, in my opinion.

Question- What areas of therapy do you take interest in working with most?
Answer- I enjoy general strengthening, anything LE and love getting people more active! Let’s get you running or playing that sport you took a break from.

Question-What’s your favorite part of being a clinician
Answer-watching you improve and returning to the things you are passionate about

Question-What do you like about HPTS? How did you find out about HPTS?
Answer- everyone at HPTS is very intelligent, caring and hard working. They make it easy to want to come to work.

Question- What are your future plans (professionally/personally)
Answer- I am still relatively new and in the process of figuring out exactly what I’m passionate about and what I would further like to improve.

Question- what do you like to do in your free time? Sports, Volunteer, Hobbies, Reading etc..
Answer-I love games! Puzzles, riddles, board games, video games. I basically want to play all day, I’m like a puppy.

Question-What is your favorite meal.
Answer- BBQ

Question-What is your favorite genre of music, artist, and song? Why?
Answer-Latino, get those hips moving.

Question-do you have pets? If so, what are their names?
Answer-I have a lap cat named Mousse, he is very cuddly.